"I saw the stone you had in your hand just before you threw it," Larry said. "You must have palmed it. The sunlight and your yelling distracted me. I got back my house and found out you had swindled me. I want my diamond back now! Do you have any idea how much that stone is worth you half-breed?"

"You gonna get it now bruddah. Don't say I didn't warn you." I heard a slap and then a thud as a body hit the floor. "I told you Larry, don't mess with Kimo." Larry didn't respond.

"I forgive you now Larry so get up. You one big sissy- get up now. I'll get you something to drink. Come on Larry. Wake up. I didn't hit you that hard, I just slap you. Come on- get up. Start breathing bruddah.

"Andrea! Call da ambulance baby, Larry's hurt here. He hit his head on da counter here when he fell. No, I didn't hit him- he just fell. Call the ambulance, now!" I could only hear Kimo's side of the conversation but I could fill in the blanks.

"Come on Andrea please call them now. No, he's not dead. His heart is still moving but he not breathing no more. Mouth to mouth? I don't know what you mean. Blow in his mouth? OK I try but please baby, call the ambulance." Minutes passed but no one came. I could only hear Kimo blowing into the dead man.

Andrea entered the room and said, "I think he is gone now. You can stop."

"What's taking the ambulance so long? What else they got to do this time of night?"

"They aren't coming because I didn't call them," Andrea said. "An ambulance brings the police. Do you think anyone is going to believe he fell and you didn't cause that red mark on his face?

"I'm taking Ricky to my mother's. I'll be back after I am sure you've gone. I hate what our lives have turned into. Just take that bird and get as far away from us as you can."

And that was the end of my time in San Diego.

The First Bird will be available for purchase at Inkwell Productions and The First Bird website. I thank you in advance for your support of the project and The Oasis Sanctuary. We'll let you know when and where book signings will happen.

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